Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bittersweet days..

Gosh I'm so tired right now. It's been a wonderful and horrible week at the same time. I got a puppy, had to return her to her previous home, tears and tears, but a lot of joy too, and now I'm exhausted and without Juno. It's sad, but it was for the best..

My plan for today is to just relax and not beat myself up too bad about stuff. Maybe I'll have some energy to bake or create? If not, well, whatever.. I have bags full of crafts-supplies that are just waiting to be turned into cute things and if I decide to drink tea or sleep all day then they won't be any less inspiring tomorrow.

The picture in this post is one of me and a cute goat girl I met this summer. I love animals in general, and I wish I could bring them all home, but at the same time Its kind of a relief to be able to just close my door, take a deep breath and be alone for a while.

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