Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creativity, happiness and a puppy!

Okay, here we go.. I'm enmi and this will be the place where I post random creativity by me and others as well as little details and stuff from my life. Nothing too fancy or strange, just me trying to find a place to gather everything that I want to share.

Today is a special day. It's the first whole day with my puppydog Juno. Me and J, my husband went to pick her up yesterday, and I'm completely in love with her. I've never had a dog before, and it's all very new and exciting.

In other news I've started to slowly create and be happy about it again after a long time of being sad on various ways. It's a slow and kind of bumpy road back to the childish excitement I used to feel about drawing, sewing and painting a few years ago. I'll walk it step by step and see where it leads and I'll share some of my experiences, sources of inspiration and my own work in this bittersweet blog. Today is sweet..

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