Thursday, July 29, 2010

Faeries and whatnot..

This is an old drawing of mine, but I still really like it. The girl has character somehow, it's not often that I feel that way about the girls I draw.

I'm finishing the book Valiant by Holly Black at the moment. I bought it yesterday in Stockholm along with some other books I can't wait to read. Valiant is a part of a series of books about fae-creatures living all over our world, concealed from us but sometimes revealed through tricks and their own desire to play games with humans. The first book in the series is called Tithe and I bought that book back when I was 16, the same age as the main character Kaye which I adore. I have read that book 5 times I think and each time I dream about faeries and the way that the world could be, how it would look if wild, scary but beautiful creatures danced around all over.

This drawing has some of the feeling I want to convey in a future fantasy project of mine that I hope to make reality of next term of school.

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