Saturday, July 31, 2010

I took a walk today..

Taking my camera out just to walk around on my own is not something I do often enough. It felt very relaxing, and I met a group of ducks! I thought that they'd be shy or scared but they came up to me quacking gleefully and the little ducklings came so close I could almost touch their little fluffy heads. I guess they thought I had some tasty breadcrumbs for them to chew on, but I don't care if they are only using me for food, I still see it as a friendly sign of affection that made me really happy! :)

I sat down on the grass near the pond for a while to just breathe and talk to the ducks and afterwards I came home and made a hot bowl of noodles. It almost feels like autumn today which is nice, but I don't want fall to come around just yet. I hate the winter and although autumn is nice, late summer is sweet and I wish to enjoy it some more before it disappears.

Now I think I'm gonna start reading a new book. It feels like a good thing to do. Today has been sweet so far.

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