Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mm, analog and instant!

I am wishing for an Instax Mini right now like crazy! I've been wanting a polaroid-camera since I was a kid but now I've found this little baby and it seems like a pretty sweet camera! Now, I have a really nice camera I got as a graduating gift which is awesome, but it's too perfect somehow, and I want that raw, analog feeling as well as instant satisfaction when it comes to actually holding the picture in my hand instead of fiddling with USB-cables and whatnot.. I was happy to discover that it wasn't very expensive either, but I still can't afford it right now. I'll definitely keep it in mind and save some money to get one of these in a hopefully near future though.

In other news, the failed painting from yesterday is still a fail, but I'll get over that silly thing. Tomorrow I'll be going to Stockholm to see a dear friend of mine from my WoW-playing days! I'll try to snap photos :)


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