Monday, July 26, 2010

Paint, paint, rest..

Okay, I just failed with a painting I've been working on since lunch and I've retreated to bed where I will now sulk for a while with my laptop and some sweet music..
If I'm lucky, the painting won't look as bad when I go into the kitchen to look at it again. *crossing fingers*

My goal was to create a nice fabric-print and paint a picture on top and then sew it onto the back of a jacket I have. It's just that I should have worked at a slower pace and stepped back to look at it once in a while. Now I ruined the whole darn thing with too much black!

Now then, complaining won't help one little bit, and if the painting looks half-decent I might snap a photo and share it with you. In a few days I'm sure I'll make a new attempt! Until then I'll rest and dream of trees.

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