Friday, July 30, 2010

A tad bit scared

I'm going to be alone at home for over a week and I'm a tad bit scared about it. I'm not used to being alone, and a strange fact is that I've only ever spent one entire night alone at home ever in my own apartment. I like solitude and I enjoy just sitting on my bed, drawing, writing, sleeping, but I'm used to having someone come home every afternoon and someone to wake up next to every morning which makes me feel very safe. I'm afraid I might start scaring myself or be bored as hell or start feeling all confused and messed up, but I have hopes for this week as well! I hope that I will make it through out the week well and free from harm and that I will be able to be creative and happy! I drew the picture above and painted it this morning, it was a rush of happiness and excitement caused by some special comments and nice words in my DeviantArt-gallery that caused it I think. I'm happy with it but now I'm exhaused and my head is spinning. I'll lie down and read a bit and I will most likely fall asleep and sleep most of the day. Then I have to figure out what kind of food I want to eat this first evening of my week alone. A tad bit scary..

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