Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another page

I've been cutting, pasting and creating journal pages like crazy today. It feels good, I just can't stop myself, I had an entire ELLE magazine I bought for a boring train ride to go through with my scissors and now I have so many cool images to be inspired from and to create new pages out of.

Another part of my journal-frenzy is that I am rather bored. I have no books left to read that I am interested of and I don't want to walk around with nothing to do since that tends to lead to anxiety and gloom that I do not want today! Nuh-uh! I don't want to go out or meet people either, I went out to sit on a tire-swing in the park for a while but felt weird so I went back home again. Gah, such an enmi-thing to do.. I'm packed with issues I'm working on getting rid of, but I'm trying to accept them and be nicer to myself and take it easy. I don't have to solve every issue right now. The quote in the page is from an interview with Kylie Minogue of all people, and in english it says: "I've started to be nicer to myself, more accepting - this is me and what I do". I pasted it in along with a raging angry girl with spiky mohawk hair because I want to scream this into my own head. Be nice! Accept! Stop judging yourself!

This is me and what I do..

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