Friday, August 27, 2010

Cats and Stickycake!

Today I got to come over to see my friends new apartment for the first time! First we made some "stickycake" which is really a sticky chocolate cake (see bottom of the post for a pic of the process..) We made some coffee, packed some bags and such to prepare. Meanwhile I managed to snap some photos of the lovely little kitten Snow which is a new addition to G's family of cats. He is such a naughty cat too! But he is really friendly, and you can play with him and nudge him with your feet and he'll play like crazy but never use his claws. I might get to babysit him and the others during the moving-process. That would be so darn neat!

After that we took the bags with everything and went over to the new apartment. I love the process of moving from one place to another, so I felt really excited in following my friends to share that experience. I'm a bit jealous, they'll have such a nice view cause they'll live so high off the ground! Their cats will feel like the rulers of the world up there.

We had a little picnic on the floor with our cake and our coffee and then we just stood by the window and looked at people passing by, it was really great. Tomorrow I'll go over again and help a bit with the moving process, just get some stuff over. I'm looking forward to that and this upcoming autumn because me and G will make it into a great final year of our education. We both feel like we´re heading towards a greater and brighter future filled with good stuff, creativity and tea during cozy afternoons.

Gabriella and the view..

Sweet day!

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