Monday, August 30, 2010

Cats, Ohnoes!

The cats have arrived to my little apartment and one of them especially is running around like crazy trying to make everything into a toy. Popcorn, pieces of yarn, paper, the toilet.. *sigh* That last part I've solved. Right now he's trying to attack me from underneath the tablecloth in his own cute way. The other cat just looks at him with sleepy eyes as if saying: "How on earth can you have the energy to run around like that kid? Geez.."

But they are oh-so-cute I just want to cuddle them all day and nothing would stop me except for this nasty allergy I have! It's making me into a sneezing mess right now, but a day with such cute and wonderful personalities as Bowser and Snow makes it kind of worth it. They´re gonna stay until early morning tomorrow and soon they'll see their new home!

Tomorrow school starts and I still don't know if I'm accepted into my class or not. That sucks, but I'll go there anyway and hope that things get straightened out somehow.. All these worries are making me dizzy! Somehow I just feel like sleeping all day but I don't know if that's a good idea or not. Maybe I should watch a movie while snoozing and sneezing at least?

What's a good movie for taking worries away? Or just soothe the heart a bit?

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