Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chai breakfast philosophy

J dragged me out of bed this morning and I made some sleepy sounds of protest but now I'm thankful. I really think I'm a morning person strangely enough. I feel more alive, more creative, more able to take care of myself when I sit here, up with the sun, looking at some distant rain clouds outside of my window with a big cup of Chai in my hand (it's empty by now though). So my new philosophy is rather simple and I had already guessed it and written a bit about it before. I feel better getting up early, drinking tea in the morning rather than snoozing until noon. The bed might feel tempting with it's fluffy pillows, pink rosy sheets and warm blankets but as soon as I'm standing on my two feet on the floor beside it I realize the bed is like a big bowl of tasty candy. It makes you feel amazing at first but after you've had too many you start getting a tummy-ache and your teeth feel all funny.

Yeah, that's my new philosophy, and I hope I'll remember it! Hah, take that bed!

I have no plans for today and it's lovely. That means I'll try to fill it with random creative activities. Maybe, just maybe I'll fix some things to get my Etsy-shop a step closer to opening, but no promises to you or myself. Slow steps it is, and I'm still on summer vacation/rehab to turn into the happy, creative Emmy I know I can be. Too many ideas and plans might ruin everything. School starts soon, but this year will be amazing. No more working in projects, no more compromising with others about pixels and polygons, just me and my projects, the way I want it to be.. It might sound egoistic and like I can't cooperate, I don't know myself, I just know I'm sick of it right now. I need a year of working on my own to know that I can do things myself. I stand on my own two feet on the ground with my cup of tea and I love it right now..

Breakfast is over.

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