Friday, August 6, 2010

A delicate surprise

I've been posting my images on DeviantArt for years, since I was 16 and first held a wacom-pen in my hand. I've enjoyed small successes, received a small amount of very sweet comments that have kept me going. Then when I returned from my little trip to Gothenburg today and sat down by my computer with some microwaved food and a lazy gaze I see over 2000 new messages in my inbox.

I thought it was a joke, or some kind of spam, but a tingle in my heart told me that it had happened, that now people had finally found their way into my little gallery after all these years, not just the odd stray, but masses! I don't know how to thank everyone who has commented my art and said such nice things since my image, 'Delicate Things' got a Daily Deviation which features it for all to see for a day. All the nice words just filled me up with warmth and new energy and it almost made me cry. I get all emotional now, but I'm just really really happy.

I want to thank you for everything..

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