Sunday, August 1, 2010


When I was younger, maybe 13 or even 12, I used to draw faeries like crazy. I could draw three or four of them every day and I used to name them all. Come up with stories about where they lived, what they did and of course what they would look like. I was inspired by some wonderful sculptures that I can't remember where I found. I even tried, and failed miserably to sculpt one of my own. It was the worst thing ever, even my husband laughed when I showed him the pictures I took of it back then.

I stopped drawing faeries for some reason. Maybe I grew tired of it, or maybe I got insecure since I met people and read stuff about how lame they were, childish and geeky. I am weak to such comments and I've listened far too much to mean and hurtful peoples opinions. That is a habit I am working on getting rid of. It sucks..

But today I finished reading 'Ironside' by Holly Black and I did so in a dizzy haze of cinnamon-coffee-high and happiness. I was so sad the last couple of pages since I didn't want the book to end. That doesn't happen to me a lot. Afterwards I looked through loads of images by Brian Froud to feed my hunger for all things faerie and I finally sat down and sketched the bored and lazy little faerie in the image above. I've spent the rest of the afternoon coloring and painting the little tangled strands of hair on her head. She's the first faerie I've drawn and named since back then when i stopped for some silly reason. I'm happy about her..

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