Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Sweetness: Badgers!

Badger badger
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I'm starting a little series here. I want to post something sweet that makes me happy each monday since I always feel horrible on mondays. I need something sweet to cure it!

This monday that sweet thing is badgers! Me and J watched a show on TV about badgers the other day and my love for them only increased! They are so round and sweet and cute! They look like sneaky, small pandas to me. Apparently they eat worms, don't like to eat slugs that much but love apples and cherries! Only in the UK do the badgers live in families. They huddle together in their hole in the ground and sleep there, play there and just hang around. Pretty sweet huh?

Here in sweden the most common way to spot a badger is by the side of the road, overrun by cars. It breaks my heart every time. I've heard they lie down on the asphalt because it warms their bellies at night, and then WHAM! A car comes by and kills them. It's too sad to be true, but I'm not sure.

I spotted a badger once though, a wild live one while walking across a garden in the middle of the night. It was huge! It was round and grey and it looked straight at me curiously.. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared back, unsure of what to do. I felt shy.. After standing like that for perhaps a minute or two I started to talk to it. Telling it that It was nice to see it, and that I wanted to say hi and such. It listened to me for a while and when I fell quiet it sniffed the air and turned away and left, walking into the darkness on it's black little paws.

I love badgers!

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