Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Sweetness: Sleeping!

I watched Juno twice today.. The last time with commentary, I had a white cat sleeping on my lap the entire time and I think I fell asleep more than once too.
After lunch I fell asleep to the sounds of some of my favorite music which just happens to be really soothing and slow, perfect for napping, only that I slept until 6 in the afternoon..

No big deal, it was actually very sweet and the slow pace of today is probably just what I need to hold the stress back and get through some difficult stuff. Hence is sleeping this weeks mondays sweetest thing!

The picture here is of me and J, I'm not actually sleeping, but if I got to chose any place or position I would want to fall asleep in every single day from now on it would be in just like that. Close to J underneath a tree during a lazy summer afternoon.

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