Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New way of doing things

From now on I will awake early and get out of bed as soon as I open my eyes. It's an experiment I'll try out for a while. Sleeping is amazing, I love it, but if I awake in the middle of the day I rarely feel well and It's difficult to motivate myself to get out of bed at all. Besides that I feel so much more creative and full of energy early in the morning, isn't that weird? I dunno, I always thought of myself as a tired zombie, but I'm not really, not if I have something to look forward to. That is another part of my plan. I will make sure to have at least one little creative thing to look forward to the next day. Not a big project such as a whole illustration or a photo shoot or a piece of doll clothing, no, smaller things. Like today my goal was to create one journal-page which for me is such a relief. It's easy and fun and without any kind of pressure. Another little goal can be to go outside and take at least one photo of something. A leaf or a flower or anything I can find that I like.

With these new plans I think I will feel better. A wise lady told me that with each tiny step I take with my creativity I will get stronger, as if I was exercising my muscles. Right now I'm weak and tired and exhausted from a long time of not feeling well, and I am recovering. This is a part of my recovery, and I will try to take small and happy little steps to get to a better place.

Today I had three new journal-entries to share, but I also want to show you the thing I adore most in my apartment interior-wise.. I've been collecting pictures from magazines and all over and put up things that inspire me. This is what I look at every day by my kitchen table. I want to cover an entire wall!

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