Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Of the Sea

I made this journal-page yesterday. The only idea I had was that I wanted to create waves from strips of newspaper and then I just added the huge witch of the sea in there, haha! She does look very much like a supermodel though, how curious..

Anyway, I', not a huge fan of the ocean. Well, I love that it's there and I care about it and all, I just don't like having it too close because it makes me nervous with it's hugeness! I spent a lot of my childhood right by the baltic sea and yeah, it was lovely, but my fear of deep water has increased with age oddly enough. I don't like to go swimming at all. Oh what the hell is the point of this negative bashing of the sea you might wonder? Me too! I'm tired because I got up earlier than usual tha's all.. Maybe I'll post something more sensible later..

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