Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Patches Project

This idea has been in my head ever since I got to try to paint on fabrics during a wonderful creative party I went to with my mother-in-law! I'm very excited that I've finally started working on it and that It hasn't failed on me yet. I think this might actually be working out just as it's supposed to according to my plans.

So the plan is to create cotton patches with unique hand-painted art to sew onto jackets, jeans, bags, purses or socks, whatever you can think of! You could also hang them on the wall, pin them onto your couch or hang them on the fridge with magnets! Neat huh?

I've created a big pink batch of basic patches today and painted two of them already with the style I intend to work on with these things. The little fawn is my favorite, I think I'll sew it onto my jacket sleeve!

The next step in the plan is to paint the rest of these pink patches and then create another batch in some other colors and start selling these. I haven't set any prizes or anything yet, it's all just in my head, but of course, if you feel like: 'wow, I must have one!', you could just comment or send an email. I'd be really happy to get some feedback too, like what colors would be cutest or what kinds of things I should paint..



  1. These are great! I'd say any color that's not black since most "backgrounds" would be black, I guess.

  2. Thank you! Yeah I think bright, lighter colors would work best too. Also because I use black and white to paint the pictures. I tried with a darker brown once and it failed miserably.. -__-

  3. The little deer is adorable :) You should make a bunch of these in lots and lots of different colors and sew them into a quilt! I'd buy it!

  4. Ooh, great idea! o.o I've actually been thinking about making a quilt but it never occurred to me that I could combine the ideas. I'll keep it in mind for sure!