Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pink and Serious

My mom is almost here now, I'll go to the train station to meet her soon, and tomorrow we'll go visit my lil' sister and I'm really happy about that. But somehow I always get nervous and scared as soon as things out of the ordinary are happening no matter what. It's sad and very frustrating.

Anyway, I went to visit my dear friend G and her new kitten this morning which was a very good choice, not only because she gave me cookies and white tea for breakfast (yum!) but also because I think this morning I could have ended up a big sad and anxious mess if I hadn't. And I got to see Snow, the most adorable little creamy white and pink kitten ever! Such a sweet thing, those tiny paws.. Need I say more?

The journal entry I've posted today has some serious thoughts in it if you can even read the tiny little text, I dunno. I'm reading a book right now that really makes me think a lot about how the little and sad people in this world all to often get stepped upon by others in all kinds of ways. It makes me angry and frustrated. Lucky me then that that I have wonderful friends and other people around me that pick me up when I'm that little sad person. Everyone deserves to be picked up and cared for. And all the little people need to claim their right to exist and make their own choices. You are allowed to!

Me to..

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