Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shitty hair..

Yeah, I got a shitty idea today, to just go and buy some hair dye and give it a try. Yeah.. Shitty.
I adore red hair, naturally light red caramel brown hair, warm and sweet. That was my goal as i went to the store and bought a box that said something like "toffee" and I thought: Yeah! Awesome! But as the color washed out of my hair I stood there looking at my head that now is more grey than ever. Not that I have grey hair, my natural hair color is some kind of ashy dark blonde that just seems grey and now that there is some red splashed over it the color reminds me of a washed out t-shirt, and not in a good vintage way either. So well, I'm bitter and sad right now. Maybe I can repair it all with some help from my mom who comes to visit me tomorrow? I hope so, maybe I can still get that color I want.

I would share a photo of myself, but I'm too low and lazy to take one and it would just look like crap anyway. Boho-ho-how! I'm such a bitter cake today. Sorry!

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