Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soothing ice cream-breakfast

J urged me to grab a big bowl of coco-muffin ice cream after I had a collapse of anxiety, anger, annoyance and sheer panic.. You know, bad stuff went down. Nothing unusual really, but ice cream and a big cup of tea after a hot shower helped me get over most of it.

There is just so much stuff piling up now. Not much for a regular healthy person maybe, but very much for me in my not so healthy, sensitive state.. What set it off was a discussion about Lara Croft which always agitates me. I don't want to discuss it here and now in fear of getting too much into it and I don't want to use this blog to discuss politics, but it's about J's final exam paper, Lara Croft, breast size and the fact that when even scientists start to see Lara Croft as only a sex-symbol with big breasts then I start to loose my faith in education, game studies and well.. men. Sad to say it but yeah, it's true. I'm seriously considering doing my final exam paper solely on Lara Croft and how men constantly fail to see her as anything but a sex symbol and keep making things worse.

There, now I won't discuss politics anymore.. Blegh! (Just want to add that it's not my husband I'm disappointed in, it's our university teachers and some other fancy-schmancy dudes)

Well, there are things piling up as I said. Nice things mostly so there is nothing to worry about really, but I do anyway and I need to calm down, take a step back and just face it slowly. I think the impending school-start is making me nervous as well as traveling next weekend even though the trip in itself is a wonderful event. I'm going to see my great grandmother whom I adore and admire. I haven't seen her enough and she's very very old and sick so I really want to visit her and tell her how much she means to me before she passes on.

I'm stressed out about getting train-tickets, I'm stressed out about classes, money, shipping costs for my shop and all such things. They are like a big angry cloud in my head and everything is shouting at me like: "Pick me first! Do it now! Send that e-mail! Calculate that shipping cost to Australia now just in case! DO IT!!"

We'll see how this day turns out. Right now I'm really confused and anxious, it might show, sorry for the bitterness and panic, but I did warn you! This blog isn't just sweet, it's bitter sometimes too.. Like today. But the ice cream sure was sweet...

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