Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet Artist: Saturne

I want to start featuring artists that have inspired me and write some about them. I'm doing this without their permission but I hope they won't hate me for it, I do it because I'm a fan!

The first artist I want to share is Saturne! I found her art by coincidence a long time ago and was hooked.. Her way of using lines, flowing and crooked like wild branches really appeals to me. She also seems to have the same love for trees as I do! Her way of portraying people is macabre and twisted in a really beautiful way. Art that manages to be captivating, fragile and scary at the same time really appeals to me.

Saturne also seems like a really cool girl! She's french, she's the vocalist in a band and she is really beautiful! The kind of person I wish I could get to know better which makes me like her art even more. The person behind an image is just as important as what you´re looking at.

I hope you'll check out more of her gallery!