Saturday, August 7, 2010


I went on a treasure hunt today at Gengåvan, a big second hand store close to where I live. They have so much stuff and I love to just walk around there slowly by myself, looking at everything and I always find things I want to bring with me home. Today I bought loads of little photo-frames for a collage of pictures I aim to hang on some wall in my apartment. I also bought a painting I adore! It's a print of no real value, but it has that royal old feeling, and I love portraits of sweet looking girls and ladies. She looks mysterious and sweet to me. I also bought things to start learning embroidery, another project I have in my head.. I got a cute tin box with roses that I plan to store tea in. I got cheap but wonderful vintage fabrics and a pair of old roller skates! I will snap some photos of those too, I just forgot this time and now I'm too tired to bother, gosh.. Another lazy day, but I'm happy with the results, and even if the end result of my treasure hunt was to spend money I shouldn't have I feel warmth in my heart when I know it all goes to charity. Sweet huh?

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