Friday, August 20, 2010

Trip trap

I went on a little sneaky trip today. Not really a trip maybe, but a walk at least. It was sneaky because I sneaked through a hole in a barbed wire fence and ended up by a seemly abandoned military site.. Now I knew I wasn't supposed to be in there, but it was so exciting so I just walked around in there for a while feeling very guilty, thrilled and pleased at the same time.. Strange.

I had to crawl through some bushes and tripped over branches and old junk but it was worth it. I love sneaking into places where people aren't supposed to be. There aren't many abandoned buildings or exciting sites around where I live, but inspired by amazing people who have it as their main obsession to search for such sites and take pictures of them I love to at least try to find excitement in my everyday life like this..

My favorite piece in 'Animatrix' is the one where a girl goes out searching for her cat and ends up in a "haunted house" that is actually a glitch in the matrix where the laws of the world are just messed up. Maybe I'm just dreaming of finding a place like that?

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