Monday, August 2, 2010


This is what it looks like while I work on my journal pages. I found an old fashion-magazine today that I cut cut loads and loads of pretty faces out of. I have a box filled with nice things cut out of magazines now and it's a lot of fun to imagine what I could do with it all.

My workspace is in my kitchen, on my kitchen-table which we never use to eat food from, haha! It's always packed with my stuff, my sewing-machine and my watercolors and boxes willed with yarn, pencils and glue. I love it. I just wish Icould paint over the hideous walls which are now yellow and filled with holes and dirt from the woman who lived in the apartment before us. I like yellow but I'd much rather paint it in some nice turquoise shade. However there is always the problem about wether or not we'll stay here for long or move to some other place. I really want an apartment with a balcony, but then again, I really love this little apartment too and it's very complicated to try and predict the future when it comes to jobs and such. I know I want to work from home with my own little business.. That is in the future though. I have one year of education left first! But after that, my kitchen table will probably be my workspace for real if I get what I want..

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