Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brave and spontaneous?

These last days have felt like an ongoing adventure and for once in my life I felt sort of like the hero, not the helpless sidekick. It all started this tuesday where because of a mixup at the doctors office and I had to kill a couple of hours. Instead of going home I just walked into the local art-museum and library. I've never been there before and it felt exciting to stroll around there by myself, looking at stuff. I had a cup of tea, got a new book and learned that those signs that are put up all around the church-park area really are a piece of an ongoing art-show. I knew it!

Then that same night I decided to escort my new friend to Gothenburg since she felt a bit scared of going to the airport by her own which I can completely understand. I however don't usually like to travel and it makes so so nervous I can't stand it, but this time I felt so brave! Like I could do anything! So we went to gothenburg, had some amazing sandwiches and some not so amazing but very good-looking raspberry cheesecake. I was happy the whole time and after seeing S of at the bus-station I felt sad to have to see her leave but at the same time so happy that I managed to make a new friend. Due to my shyness and stuff that rarely happens. Almost never.

After that I went to see my sister and I managed to get to her apartment on my own without feeling scared even once, it's incredible! It might seem like nothing to others, but for me that was an amazing step forward. My sisters apartment is sooo cute, I can't believe how cute it is. I'm jealous of her wallpaper, but she gave me a roll of it to turn into artwork that she can hang on her wall. Hopefully I'll succeed with that mission.

Sorry for the wall of text of a blog-post but my days have just been filled with stuff I wanted to share and I haven't had the chance to do so until now. I'm happy!

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