Friday, September 10, 2010


I've been happily distracted from writing or photo-graphing because of that custom order I wrote about. It's finished now but will remain secret for a while. Anyway, I've also been distracted because of school, because you know what? Everything has been solved! I got into the classes I needed to get into even though everything seemed hopeless, and I've come out in the other end of this mess with a better solution to my array of classes for this season. Gosh! Who would have thought?

I will now attend three classes this autumn. Life-drawing, the english crime-fiction class and the big course that is all about creativity and creating a project, any kind of creative project out of the imagination! What a wonderful course huh? I get to pick whatever I want to do as a project to spend this whole autumn with, all up until January! I'm so so happy because I've been looking forward to this for so long and I'm so relieved that everything turned out so great but, it has also distracted me, made me confused and very tired..

The weeks pass by and each day seems like long adventures of both happiness, tragedy and danger. I think I'm just confused by all this activity after a long summer of steadily keeping all activities away. I have to be careful now though. Just because things are enjoyable doesn't mean that they don't steal energy. I don't want to overwork myself again.

One who has endless energy and happiness is my tortoise Omi which I've drawn in the picture above. She's a stuffed tortoise toy which I got as a gift from a friend at school. This little fella with her big head and endless smile came all the way from Singapore I think, or was it Hong Kong? I can't remember exactly.. Anyway, I love her to bits and even though she is kind of too big, she sleeps next to me every night. I've told you I'm like a kid. I still keep stuffed toys in my bed at night! Can't sleep without 'em...

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