Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The doll girl

I had a great afternoon with Soe yesterday which included blueberry cheesecake, hot chocolate with marshmallows and photographing weird statues. I don't have the photos though since they´re in her camera but hopefully I'll get my hands on them soon, they were so awesome.

Anyway, later in the evening we went out to eat and we discussed what kinds of games or toys we played with as kids. I haven't given it much thought but I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I was the girliest girl you can imagine. I had too many barbie-dolls to count. I loved dressing up as a princess and my main role model in life was Princess Peach which I only got to play at my neighbors house since we didn't have any video-games at home. Why am I ashamed? I don't know really, it just feels like such a lame, traditional, pink and fluffy childhood compared to others and I really wish sometimes that I would have had an older brother to show me cooler things to do.

I grew up to be quite a tomboy though since I discovered things like video games, climbing trees and skateboarding for myself, but I never felt totally comfortable since I always thought I did it wrong. The boys around me were always better somehow. I had nobody to show me so I'm self taught when it comes to most things I do, well, that was before I met J who is now my husband but who also feels much like a best friend and an older brother (but not in a creepy way). He showed me tabletop role-playing games, all the scary movies I never got to see as a kid, the coolness of zombies and the brotherly way of being very teasing sometimes. I love it, I love him, and I'll try to love myself even though I might have been the doll girl. I still love dolls..

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