Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I want an animal-hat.. A proper one with ears, and I'd like long earflaps with pompoms and everything! A problem though is that most hats with ears are meant for kids and the ones I've found so far for adults are not slouchy enough, or whatever problem I seem to find with them. I have a perfect hat in my imagination but I'm too picky when it comes to making the decision.

When I went to the swedish equivalent of high-school I made a hoodie with cat ears. People stared at me or commented. They said rather mean things. I'm guessing either they hated it or they were jealous of my fabulous ears. I'm choosing to believe the latter. I just can't see why animal ears would be something only infants are allowed to wear. They don't even know that they are wearing them, and I'm pretty sure they haven't even gotten used to being human yet, so why confuse the little ones?

Today is a sunny day and I'm all warm inside from the morning tea. Today has started off a much better day than yesterday and I think it has some potential as long as I don't start to think too much about the dust in the corners and the clothes that need sorting into the closet.. At least I finished homework this morning so I've got that settled and after my doctors appointment today I'm heading to the library to find something exciting to read! The last book I read was a bit depressing, so I'll try to find something on a more happy note this time because I need some happy.


  1. I love hats with ears too, though the only one I owe that has ears on it is a christmas-teddy-bear-santa-hat... complicated! I know!
    But, this seller on etsy makes super cute hats with ears: http://www.etsy.com/shop/polkadotrobots
    She just sold the most adorable one however! It's sad, I'd have loved the fox one. Perhaps I should e-mail her and ask if she's going to make another..

  2. Oooh, those are awesome! Exactly what I've been looking for actually, and I've seen her blog before I think but I didn't investigate her shop further. I will now. You should definitely ask her about the fox one! Thanks for the tip sweetie! <3