Thursday, September 2, 2010

Emotional revamp..

Maybe I should try a laid back fuck-off attitude? I think that would be far more comfortable than my current way of dealing with crap.. Maybe you can try on attitudes like you try on clothes? Maybe this will fit me better than what I wore before?

My school situation is just really messed up right now. I'm stressed out, scared, sad and today I tried to get angry instead so I grabbed my headphones, put on 'Rebel Girl' with Bikini Kill really loud, stomping the floor, singing along in the lyrics, just screaming and roaring at the whole damned situation. It helped a bit even though I probably looked like a maniac and the neighbors probably heard me.

I drew this picture while listening to Joan Jett.. I'll try to relax now even though panic is swimming around in my stomach ready to bite like a great white shark..


  1. Aaah :( Hope things get sorted out and you can be relaxed again! Lovely work, by the way :)

  2. Yeah, life will go on. Right now I'm relaxed and drinking tea like always in front of my computer ^.^ Mood-swings run around like crazy in my head all the time though haha! Thank you for your kind words :)