Sunday, September 5, 2010

Great Grandmother

Yesterday me and J went to see my great grandmother Ingegerd who lives about one and a half hour away from us by train. When I was a kid I used to go to her apartment now and then to visit and it was always exciting and just a tiny bit scary. I was nervous, and there were so many things to look at! Little porcelain dolls, figures, animals, and of course her wonderful dollhouse that was beyond words. When I stepped into that very same apartment now after not seeing her in years everything was still the same! It felt like walking straight back into a precious childhood memory.

I got to sit on the same kitchen sofa, eating her home made cookies (but now I'm drinking coffee, such an adult thing to do huh?). The best thing of all though, she is still just the same as I remember her. Age takes it's toll you know, but she is just as I remember her and while we sat there having our coffee I was just looked at her in awe, listening to her stories and thinking how lucky I am to still be able to talk to her. She makes jokes, and she has an amazing sense of black humor that surprises me every time.

On my mothers side, the women live long lives and age, sickness and eventful lives don't stop them from being beautiful and incredible women. I just hope I can look forward to the same kind of future if I'm lucky. My great great grandmother lived until 99. I was 12 or 13 when she passed away I think.. We were five living generations at that time. There is a photo of five generations of women all huddled together in the same picture somewhere, but I don't have it.

I walked around her apartment yesterday taking pictures of her beautiful things. I got some gifts to bring home too. I just have to find proper places to display them. She wouldn't let me take her picture though, but I got some pictures of old photos of her in her young days. I'm really happy I went to see her, and now I realize from whom I'v inherited my love for dolls and all things small and precious. We are just the same like that, me and my great grandmother..

(detail from the dollhouse)

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