Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy birthdays!

It was G's birthday yesterday!
I surprised her by taking her out for Sushi (it was not much of a surprise for her though, she suspected it all along!). Anyway, we got 11 pieces each and some steaming green tea to warm up before the meal. We are both real sushi-fans but as we got our food and went to pick up some chopsticks the waitress plainly tells us that they don't have any. Ok? Sushi-place without chopsticks to eat with.. Awesome. So we tried to eat with forks but the rice just fell apart and I got some really soy-marinated nigiri.. So we simply had to eat with our fingers. I think some ladies at a table next to ours looked at us with weird faces until they realized they also had to eat with their hands like cavemen, ha!

As gifts go I gave G the kind of rolls of tea-flowers that start blooming when you pour steaming water over them, and some chinese rice-crackers plus a patch-painting! It's the orange little owl at the top of the post.

Another birthday occurs today though and that's the birthday of a new acquaintance of mine. Soe! I met her for the first time yesterday at the Bloodline Champions office and somehow we ended up watching japanese bug fight's the whole evening. It was awesome! The guys seemed to think we were sort of crazy but there is nothing crazy about watching spiders, scorpions, bees and other nasty creatures wrestle and eat each other for sports right? We were rooting for the bee (which we renamed 'Dog' because he needed a cooler fighter-name than 'bee'). He was such an awesome bee and we were so disappointed each time he lost and shouting "go Dog go!" as he won.

We never got to see if the winning champion got a trophy or a tiny little belt to take home to his hive though..

Happy birthdays!