Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's strange how homework for me as an adult is so much more creative and playful than the homework I had to do as a kid.. I spent this afternoon doing these paintings and some drawings and sketches based upon a drawing from class. I never really achieved the same cool posture as the model in class held and my first drawing is still the best one out of the seven I made today. I don't know if I should see that as a failure or as proof of that nothing can compare to having a living, breathing model in front of you while drawing.

With my last three sheets of paper (we were supposed to make 6 drawings) I played around like crazy with watercolor instead of pencils and it was amazingly fun. I added little trees and huge buns of dreadlocks and crazy waves of hair that the real model didn't really have of course, but I think it makes everything a bit more exciting!

It was great to just play instead of focusing and aiming to create a beautiful piece of art. These pieces are just to learn and to release new thoughts and new ways of drawing the same picture over and over. I wouldn't really call these paintings beautiful or skillfully made, but I like them because they were fun to make. I hope my teacher likes them too, haha!

Now I have to clean up the mess on my floor and start focusing on a custom order I got today. I normally don't take custom orders, but this is a bit special. You'll probably get to see the result in the future, but not until then.

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