Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Sweetness: Dolls!

pre-haircut Twig

enchanted doll- somehow made me heart broken

I've always loved dolls. There is something with holding a small, delicate copy of a human girl in the palm of your hand. I love their clothes, their hair and I especially love dolls with names and a history behind them, as if they were characters from a book or a story come to life in that shape.

Looking at them can both make me happy and sad, because I love beautiful things, but if they are too beautiful I feel a sort of gloom because I want to be able to create them myself. All beautiful things fill me with this feeling, it's not quite jealousy but still not far from it.

I have three BJD's, one from Korea and two from Japan and I used to spend all day long making them clothes, photographing them. The middle photo in this post is my first doll, Maegan.
I stopped playing with them. I don't know why I stopped, but I think its like with most things I do. I get too much into them and then it becomes an unhealthy obsession that in the end makes me feel pressured and stressed out. It's a fine balance. I might get back into that whole thing again, but right now I feel just fine looking at other peoples beautiful pictures without feeling the need to compete. I can just sit back and enjoy.

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