Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Sweetness: Plants!

I've succeeded in keeping a plant alive! That surely is sweet.. I've been a plant-serial-killer in the past which has caused me to only get fake plants ever since that last leaf fell. I don't want to harm them!

But last tuesday when I felt really bad I got a tiny little plant with wonderful pink flowers as a comforting gift and I've been so careful with it since then. Last night however I glanced at it and it looked dead. NO! Not again! - I thought. I did what I could. I grabbed the pot, poured some water into it very gently and made sure all the soil was moist. I even put the little flower in another window so that it could get the last of the evening sunshine through the rain and hoped that it would survive the night. It felt hopeless though and I was so sad..

This morning J awoke me with the words: "It's alive!" And I rushed up to discover that the pink little flowers were standing up again, alive and well! I had succeeded and I'm so very very happy! I just have to keep a closer eye on the little buddy to make sure it doesn't fall to that degree again. I don't want to kill any more plants!

I dream of an indoor garden. Dear little L gave me the idea and I might dare to try. Maybe..

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