Friday, September 10, 2010

Morning of paint and such..

These pics were taken with my webcam so excuse the grain and low quality. I just wanted to show you what I've been up to this morning! When I worked on another painting I accidently poured too much yellow and green into the mix and since I didn't want to waste the paint I did a print with it. I really like the color, it's sort of mustard with a hint of green. Really earthy and it makes me think of moss and autumn. The photos don't really show the color right, I'll take better pics when the painting is done.

I wanted to mix my favorite elements into this piece. Headphones, a cute girl with freckles and a tree growing out of her head, haha! "Classic Emmy" was what J said when he got home from lunch. I hope that's not a bad thing, it's the truth. I just love painting this sort of thing over and over.

This painting will be highlighted with some white, ironed, hemmed and sewn onto a cotton tote-bag and I'll put it in my shop once it's finished. I'm thinking either black pompoms or earthy beige and white ones.. We'll see what happens. Opinions, thoughts or ideas are very welcome of course!


  1. Oh, it's beautiful! If you weren't planning to put in on a tote-bag, I'd have bought it and put it on a pillow! ( I can't wear tote-bags :( ) I think if you had some pumpkin-orange or dirty yellow, or even dark green that'd fit with the pompons. ( But that just be me being completely fascinated by those colours right now.)

  2. Lovely lovely paintwork :) By the way, what is it that you mix with the paint before applying it to fabric? (I think I read that on your shop... but if I'm talking crazy talk then ignore that question!) And classic-Emmy looks pretty good to me.
    I really like your tote bag on etsy at the moment, with the pompons ^^

  3. Ooh, thank you!
    Lise: I could make you one in this style if you want to put on a pillow? I have some left-over paint of this same color. I could even make pompoms to go with and just send you the bunch ^.^ I'm planning to sell big patch-paintings without attaching them to anything too, I just love making bags right now.

    E: The colors are specially made for fabric-painting. They were bought at a local hobby-store so I don't think these kinds of paints are that hard to get ahold of. The paint is fixed to the fabric when I iron the piece after painting it and then it's supposed to be washable like regular clothes even though I haven't tested it yet. I really should >_> I advice customers to wash carefully.

  4. Ah ok - thanks for the info! I'll try it out sometime :D