Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Need some stitches?

Yesterday was chaos and shit but today is another day and I have hopes that it will be sweet..

My camera-charger was lost this morning when I planned to take pictures of my newly finished pompom-bag that I want to show you and I ran around with a frown on my face, feeling bummed about the fact that I always misplace important things. I just found it in a pile of clothes on the couch, a typical Emmy-place to put something..

Now I'm listening to some empowering, raw hiphop-beats in my headphones while waiting for the battery to come back into the game so I can play model again and show you the bag. It's cute if I may say so myself, and I'll put it up for sale as soon as I have the pictures.

I missed my drawing class yesterday due to the shit I went though, and now I have to do loads of homework. It's nice homework though so It's not that bad, but it still stresses me out like most things do right now. I soothe myself with tea and music, but it has to be hot, loud, sweet and tasty!

Pompom's coming up soon!

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