Friday, September 3, 2010

Peppermint Pompom tote!

I'm so excited! I finally put my very first patch-painting tote bag in my shop!

I made this bag a while ago and my confidence has been on and off so I just haven't gotten around to taking proper pictures of it, but this morning I did, and now this cute little bag is up for sale.

It's funny actually, because this patch-painting is the very first of it's kind. It's the one I made the day I learned how to use a silk-screen and fabric paint to create these little artworks and I was so happy and excited that day! That day my mother-in-law took me to a kind of creative garden-party and I was so nervous, but everyone there was so very nice and friendly and taught me how to use the stuff. After that the woman who held the party was nice enough to sell her used silk-screen for fabric printing to me. J's mother helped me to get the paint and that's how the story of my patches begun!

I feel this autumn will be a struggle to keep creativity going while school is bothering me, but I shall prevail I tells ya! I will! Not every summer can be this free from activities and I guess I have to learn how to adapt to the world and this silly society slowly. But I promise myself to never become a boring grown-up! Nevah!

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