Monday, September 6, 2010


Intense, stressful, depressing days lay behind me and I feel like I've been through weeks of this, not just a weekend. Right now though I feel a sort of blessed relief. Today I got sure signs that I will be accepted into two classes I need this autumn which improves my school-situation a whole lot and I can breath a little easier. Drink my tea with a bit more hope.

I had a little tiny tea-party with G today before heading of to school to try to sort things out with the figure-drawing class which I was accepted into by the way. We used her tiniest tea-cups, an even tinier jar of honey from Oxford of all places and a cute english teapot handmade in thailand which I find weird.. Hmm, anyway, it was sweet!

Now I just got home from figure drawing and I made some toast with lemon-marmalade. All my problems aren't solved, but I feel so much better right now and I just wanted to share.

I apologize if my writing seems confused or anything, I am confused like hell and my head is spinning. I'll just quit now. Maybe something exciting happens tomorrow? Maybe a new batch of patch-colors? Just maybe...

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