Saturday, September 18, 2010

Same old CD's

Another amazing friday-taco with J has passed and afterwards we started playing Assassins Creed II which is really entertaining so far and I discovered the soundtrack too which is really, truly beautiful. I love that kind of music when I work because I get tired of my favorite songs so fast and that's sad. I'm trying to keep them fresh by not listening to them too often, but it's tempting to just replay-replay-replay when you find a new song you love. I've destroyed loads of great music that way.

When I go out I listen to old CD's because I don't have a fancy-pansy iPod or an mp3-player, just an old CD walkman and since I very rarely buy CD's I have to listen to the stuff I bought as a teenager. Like t.A.T.u, Linkin Park, Kent and some more recent stuff like Laleh, Hello Saferide and Detektivbyrån, but that means those songs really get worn out fast! I have to switch CD each time I go out and eventually I just get so sick of listening to the same track over and over.

I've also realized that starting the day in complete silence is really great. Even though I love music there is something quite special about sitting there with a cup of steaming tea, just listening to nothing at all. Close your eyes and just breathe, feel the warmth of the cup in front of you and relax. It calms me down, and I need that.

What calms you down?

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