Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm in some sort of upset, annoyed state of being and I can't stand it. Everything is itchy, my feet are cold and I get these nasty feelings of stuff crawling up my back all the time and I know it's all in my head but that doesn't help me one bit does it? No, it actually makes it even more difficult to get rid of!

I feel like I just want to find a spot where I can lie down, take deep breaths and feel clean, calm and collected. My kitchen table is usually kind of like my workspace mixed with a sort of sanctuary, but right now it's just workspace and barely that, it's covered with junk and half-finished projects that stress me out just looking at them! Why, WHY?! *does a dramatic hand gesture*

No really, not even my tea calms me down right now and that's bad. I've tried to take showers, sleeping is no good, I've already done that all night and I still have to wake up at some point and the feeling will be all back. I really should clean the apartment but I'm afraid that if I start a big project like that in my current odd state of being I'll end up crying in a corner somewhere, I kid you not. It has happened on several cleaning-occasions..

So what then you may ask yourself? Me too! I have no clue what-so-ever.. We'll see I guess. Bad feelings can't stick around forever.

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