Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sketchbook pages

I got my little moleskine-sketchbook for the sketchbook project a while ago and I'm really enjoying my simple theme. I'm just doing what I've done since I was a kid, I draw people with cute clothes that I would want for myself. Like playing with dress up dolls but on paper. I'm playing around with some collage and watercolor too and I love thinking about the colors and the moods. Thoughts about getting a bit more serious and political with the theme to spice it up has run through my head, but I think I'll just be predictable in this project. What the hell, I can do whatever I want right? And I love it!
Yesterday was a good day. J lured me out of my nest to eat pizza with two of his colleagues on Bloodline Champions and I've been hiding away from people in general for a while so I got really nervous and had a racing heart the entire evening after that. Social anxiety, gah! What should I do? The nicer the people that I meet are the more nervous I get and I end up retracing every piece of conversations in my head to make out if I said something embarrassing or not.. I had a really good time though so I think it's worth the side-effects. Just like it's worth getting a runny nose and itchy eyes if you pet a kitten when you've got an allergy. It's a real mess but the cat sure was worth it. Besides, I need to practice if I ever want to overcome my fears..