Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunshine on my window

This picture was taken during a bright morning where the sun was shining through our green curtains and it made really cute silhouettes so I had to take a picture.

Today however the sun is absent and the sky is really grey and gloomy, but I kind of like that sort of weather too. My plans for today are to sit inside and to be creative in small ways. I'm knotting classic childish friendship-bracelets and I'm loving it. It's so simple and you get cute jewelry almost instantly. I can't really wear normal jewelry because I use my arms so much and I can't stand having something hard or cold against my skin. I wish I could buy loads of earrings, necklaces and bracelets but it would be useless because I never wear them. What looks amazing on others feel like a costume on me. But friendship-bracelets are so soft and discreet that you almost don't notice that you´re wearing them until you see them on your arm and then they make you smile.

Of course the whole idea of them is to share them with others. Me and J share friendship-bracelets now, pale pink ones. He told me I can't make that color for anyone else since it's our color now. I find that very cute. Today I have three new colors to play with. Dirty yellow, greenish-brown and reddish-brown. Very autumn.

I can feel the stress and pressure from myself but also from reading too many "how to become a success on Etsy"-threads on forums and blogs. They are very good and useful, but it makes me feel as if I need to do a bunch of stuff very fast and work super-hard and I want to keep this feeling of creating for the sake of my own happiness, not for sales, comments or popularity. It's difficult though, since this world revolves around money in a sick and stupid way.. But let's not talk about that because it will make me even more stressed out.


  1. Lovely photo!
    I find the same thing about bracelets, especially dankly/heavy/blah ones... they tend to get in the way and annoy me when I am drawing! :) The friendship bracelet crafting sounds like fun!

    I wanted to create an Etsy shop a while ago, but then started reading the etsy success mailing list thingie, and it made me feel like my stuff wouldn't be good enough/that I wouldn't create enough products!

    But I think just taking it slowly and creating things for the sake of enjoyment sounds like a better system.


  2. I think the best thing to do is to enjoy what you do and don't care about sales or popularity that much, at least not in the beginning. To be able to be creative you have to take care of yourself and love what you do. I don't think I'll read any more tips for a while and just go along as it feels right.

    If you doubt yourself, I hope you can overcome that and like what you do! I think all good things start there. :)