Monday, September 13, 2010

Yesterdays work

I spent almost the entire day on the couch watching J work on his illustrations, watching reruns of bad TV-shows and making friendship-bracelets! I think at least one hour and a half went to untangling the brown thread because it became a mess with knots and whatnot. But I now have three bracelets on my arm! I made another two to go along with the orange and the brown since they are to be given to my friends L and G! They don't know it yet, but if they read this they will know, ha! Surprise for you!

I haven't decided who will get which color yet so I think I'll pull them out of a hat or something and give them whatever comes up!

I have also almost completed my second tote-bag and I've painted another three small patches, two of which I will photograph and put up for sale shortly. They are green!

You'll know when, because I will tell you once it's done. Chuu!

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