Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy zombie

It would be so sweet to get to show some pictures of last nights halloween celebration, but I didn't take one single digital photo, it's all in a roll of film right now and I'm starting to realize that blogging and analogue photography don't quite match up. But anyway, Soe snapped loads of cool photos and I'm sure I can steal some of hers eventually, haha! The super-cute illustration above was made by her a while ago. It's so awesome and makes me laugh whenever I look at it. That's me on the left by the way!

I dressed up as a zombie, very simple and yet very effective and fun. I love zombies, but they also freak me out. I had a big fake wound all over my face and we splashed fake blood all over!

But I've been busier than I'm used to. It's both nice and exhausting at the same time. I miss sitting at home alone, but at the same time it's nice to change once in a while with a cute party!


  1. That trick or treat drawing is so cute ^^
    I hope to dress up tomorrow for hallowe'en, but am stuck on deciding. Maybe being a zombie would be good, I also find them a bit scary o_o

  2. Zombies are great because you can dress in normal clothes, fancy clothes or drunken hobo-clothes and just splash blood all over it, practice how to roll your eyes back and mumble "braaaains.." ^__^ Good luck!