Friday, October 8, 2010


I felt brave today, I went to a company which prints stuff with the idea that I should ask about prices and deals as well as quality in order to start selling prints of my own artwork..

I'm not used to doing these things, and I must have looked very nervous and maybe explained what I wanted in a weird way, but the man I talked to was so awfully condescending that I felt like a total loser. He spoke to me as if I had gone to the wrong place and as If he'd rather see me walk straight back out of there again.. Fuck, I hate older men who act as if they know it all and look down upon others. I want to be able to stand up to that sort of person but I can't. I feel like a stupid little child who knows nothing and that way, that man got exactly what he wanted, to push me down into my shoes..

When he understood that I had my pictures in 300dpi, digital and ready for print in great quality he just left me with another person who was this younger man who was infinitely nicer to deal with, who looked at my stuff, complimented it and explained the things I wanted to know. I still left without prints, feeling stupid.

I know that I'm too sensitive, but I feel like I can't go back there ever now. I don't want to be treated like that. If I had been a man in a business-suit I'm sure he would have treated me differently instead of questioning me as if I knew nothing.. I don't know if I'll sell any prints now. Not from that place at least.. I don't know if anyone would want them anyway. Sorry, my mood just shrunk into a bitter little pile of crap and my confidence is easily bruised. I'll need some time to recover because I'm an overly sensitive silly girl..


  1. Aw, ^.^ *hugs* I won't give up just yet.

  2. I know how that feels, I know the men you mean. One time, I went into a panini shop and asked about the difference between a regular sandwich and panini. The clerk acted as though I was intolerably stupid for not knowing already and made me play 20 questions with him instead of just answering me. He was in his 40s of 50s.
    I was hurt, but then I remembered that there are worse things than not knowing about sandwiches, like being 50 years old and feeling like you must make people feel bad for not knowing about sandwiches. Perhaps because you work in a shop and it's clearly the biggest thing you have going on in your life.
    No offense to people who work in shops, I work in a shop. But nonetheless, an attitude like that usually belies some one who is not happy with their service work so they seek to place themselves above those who employ that service.

  3. Gah, silly man! I guess some people just feel that they have to make a point out of showing others how much they know. What is the difference between a panini and a sandwich then? O__o It's just bread!