Monday, October 4, 2010

Feeling slightly happy today

This photo was snapped by Soe during our trip to Gothenburg. I feel happy today in my usual careful way. It started out with a surprisingly interesting meeting at school about our individual projects that are going on right now. It was interesting to hear about the other projects as well as receiving some ideas and feedback on my own. Now I'm ready to start working on sketches and actually creating things for this project and it feels exciting.

I ordered some sushi for lunch and ate it in silence here in my kitchen, happily enjoying every little sense on taste. The way home was also wonderful. I kicked the autumn leaves the way my grandmother taught me and the air carried a scent of candy from a video-store as I walked by. My mood and calm today is a stark contrast to how I felt last week. I can appreciate feeling this way when I see that contrast. I hope that this slight happiness can stay with me so I can build on it and make it into something more sturdy. I'm still trying to fill my days with happy things, beautiful things to create my own dreamworld in reality. It feels awesome. What makes you really happy on an ordinary day?


  1. eating a cinnamon bun^^, and today it´s cinnamon bun day. Have you eaten any today?

  2. O_O Oh my goodness, no I haven't! I have to go buy one this instant. How could I forget, being such a cinnamon-fan and all. Thank you for reminding me! <3