Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gotta fix stuff!

Finally Soe's coming back! My dear friend who I got to know during a few but fantastic days during her last visit.

But, this also means I've got to fix stuff, I have to clean! My apartment looks like a home for dust-rats and dirty laundry and I want it to be super cool and clean instead so I better get going!

I also handed in my first roll of film from my Diana to the photo-lab today. I felt nervous as always when going to a new place but I think I got the guy across the counter to understand what I wanted. I have to wait until the 2nd of November to see the photos though. No more 1 hour photo in this digital age.. I've already loaded the little camera up with a new film although I messed things up in the loading-process, I hope it's ok anyway. Now I'm ready to document all the sweet Halloween-memories we'll be making soon! I'm so looking forward to it already..


  1. Yea, what is up with that? Why should digital world be taking so much longer time to printing out new pictures than the old way? 1 hour wait or 1 day wait was much, much better! What happened to that?

    I'm glad Soe's coming back!Hope you'll have loads of fun

  2. Maybe they would have given me the pictures sooner if I demanded it. He asked if it was ok and I just said it was because I always say everything's ok even though I might think otherwise, but well well. I'll get the pics next week and there is no real rush so..