Thursday, October 28, 2010

Illustration work

Yay! Yesterday the new number of Allas dropped into my mailbox and it has my illustration featured in it! It's super exciting every time. I loved making this, because these illustrations are there to compliment short stories in the magazine and I could just get really vivid images in my head of this story and it's main character. Her name is Nora and she has just found out that her husband can't have children. After a shower she sits on her bed, anxious and sad.

Yesterday was a really cute day! It was awfully rainy and cold, but I defied the weather and went over to G for some calm talking and just hanging around which was super sweet. We had some chicken and watched funny shows and I got to snap some photos of her cats with my diana! After that I went to J's office and met up with Soe, just arrived from Berlin! We went to have some sushi and talking about this and that.

So today I have no real plans but then again I'm not the kind of girl to like plans either. I like to just have blank days ahead of me so I can breathe easily knowing I'm not forgetting anything. I'm sure nice things will pop up anyway without me planning ahead..