Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'm at home drinking hot tea as always but this time it's night-time instead of my usual early mornings and instead of reading artsy craftsy blogs I'm actually watching a Bloodline Champions live tournament stream! Crazy huh? For those who don't know, I was a texture artist working on BLC on and off during my education and my dear J is working with concept art for the game. I'm kind of out of the whole video game development loop at the moment since I wanted a break from all the technical stuff while recovering to get my creativity and happiness back. It's still really cool to watch this stream though and actually see graphics that me and my friends have created and how the game is just growing and growing. To know that really talented gamers are playing characters that I've decorated and textured is really weird and awesomely cool. It gives me a real self-confidence boost and I have to admit, a small urge to get back into game graphics.

Anyway, I'm enjoying a perfectly lazy weekend. 'Enslaved' was a pretty awesome game and J downloaded the new Tomb Raider game for me and we´re gonna play the co-op mode together and I foresee really cosy evenings with chocolate-marshmallow ice cream and gaming in the future. Sweet deal!

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